Alix Earle’s Summer Posts Are What We All Needed

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I can’t say that I’ve ever watched an Alix Earle TikTok. Well, that would be better stated, “I’ve never listened to a word Alix Earle says while watching her TikToks.” The influencer became incredibly popular on the app when she became “down to earth” (by influencer standards) and showed herself not wearing makeup and did real get ready videos. At least that’s my understanding. Like I said, I’m much more interested in her appearance than anything else. With the good weather beginning, she’s been showing off her travels and outfits (hint: the outfits are quite revealing), which shows everyone that Alix Earle’s summer posts are what we all needed.

Alix headed out to Spain! It took me ten minutes to look up to the location of the post.

Apparently, she’s a big fan of Ibiza. I’m a big fan of this picture.

Amalfi Coast? More like, “Wow Alix Earle is insanely attractive.”

I really enjoy looking at the side of this outfit. It’s a great sight.

Oh no! She had a wedgie in slide two! How quirky!

Alix Earle really knows her summer style!

I know what I’m staring at, but I wonder what she’s staring at!

Oh boy! In this one, we get to see all of Alix’s summer outfits! How nice for us!

The summer is a pretty happy time for everyone, but it’s a lot happier when Alix Earle blesses us with her trendy fashion styles! Of course that’s what we all care about if anyone asks, right?

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