All Of The Things You Could’ve Bought Instead Of Watching The Mayweather-Paul Fight

Floyd called the fight a robbery, and he was right. It was an awful exhibition that people said was the Fyre Fest of boxing. Thousands of dumbasses bought the pay per view for $50, and thankfully I wasn’t one of the idiots. I just kept refreshing Twitter to see what was happening, and even Twitter didn’t deliver. So instead, let’s look at what you could’ve bought with that $50.

7 Tins Of Grizzly Chew

4 Packs Of American Spirts

3 Cases Of Natty Light

1 Quarter Ounce Of Weed

1 Gram Of Cocaine Mixed With Some Baby Powder

2 Large and One Small Order Of Wings At BDubs

200 Chicken Nuggets From McDonalds

One Plan B Pill

30 Bareskin Trojan Condoms

These are all better purchases than the Mayweather- Paul fight. If you did watch it, I hope you illegally streamed it, and if you actually bought it, I hope that you put that shit on your parent’s credit card.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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