All This Dodgers Fan Had To Do Was Get By A Ball Girl, And He Was Free… And He Didn’t

Saying that the ball girl had a takedown or turned into prime Brian Dawkins is a little extreme. Brian Dawkins, aka the GOAT Eagle, I have to put in highlights my hands are tied.

Back to the Dodgers girl. This fan was probably hammered and dared by his friends to be a dumbass and charge the field. Somehow every MLB security guard is over 65 years old and is a fat ass. They are being chased as they have just committed a double murder, and in reality, they are running around like an idiot. The ball girl is there for the fans; she protects little children from a tricky bounce that would’ve ended up giving somebody a bloody nose. She hands out baseballs to little kids and makes their entire day; she’s for the people. Except when a dude is running on the diamond, then it’s fuck the fans.

She really sidestepped the person, and the idiot could have juked around her, but he didn’t account for the barrier. She was the cornerback who knew exactly where the side outer bounds are and knew they could do a light push and get that stat on the spreadsheet. Even if everything went perfect, he juked the security guards, got past the ball girl, jumped over the barrier; he would have still been fucked. They would have cornered him in the stands, and that would’ve been it. Jumping and running on the field never ends well, but it’s always funny.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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