American Idol Winner is Above Having a Job

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American Idol winner Samantha “Just Sam” Diaz has had some tough luck since winning the show in 2020. Just a few years after appearing on the once hit tv show, Diaz is singing in New York subway stations trying to make a living. Sam talked about the desperation they faced, saying, “I was super embarrassed to be going back to the trains. I didn’t want people to know that I legit needed the money.” Sam, I feel for your financial struggles, but I’m forced to wonder if there are more efficient ways to make a living. 

Diaz, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not 2005 anymore. All American Idol is anymore is a way for Katy Perry to convince herself she’s still relevant from the shitty pop songs she made ten years ago. Winning this competition used to all-but guarantee stardom to some degree, but this is no longer the case. The winner of American Idol is awarded a quarter of a million dollars and a record deal, and if you can’t make that work it’s on you.

I find it hard to have sympathy for someone who’s singing career had a nice moment but didn’t take off. I certainly won’t have sympathy for Diaz singing in the subway to pay her bills. Here’s a crazy thought, Diaz could always find gainful employment if things get really bad. It can be a tough life, but I don’t understand why being crowned champion of an outdated reality show qualifies you to leave the working class. I’ve worked at an Einstein Bagels before, and as much as I hated it, I would go back before I tried to sing for handouts on the subway platform. That could have something to do with me being less musically gifted than a microwave. It’s also true because I’m not above a little hard work, unlike Diaz apparently. 

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