An Average Week at Home During the Summer

It goes without saying that a typical week during the school year at college is drastically different than a week at home during the summer. While I love certain parts about being home, there is definitely a level of monotony to the weeks at home as you wait impatiently until you move back to school. With that being said, here is the average week at home during the summer:


Mondays aren’t nearly as painful at home as they are at school. Sure, you’ll usually begin your “work week” at whatever park district or restaurant job that you took to satisfy your parents, but it definitely beats attending an 8:00 am lecture. By the time you get off work, there’s usually plenty of time to workout (you’re already behind on that “summer bod” you’ve been wanting) and maybe even sneak on to the local par three golf course for a quick nine holes. 


The countdown to Friday has officially begun. After convincing yourself for a day that your job isn’t that bad, every passing minute makes the $13 an hour less and less worth it. The fact that it’s 85 degrees and sunny outside would usually lead to a great day filled with beer die and skipping class for you and your buddies at school, but since you’re home you get to enjoy the weather in your hot ass uniform as you wait tables. 


You decided to take off of work today because of a “family emergency”, when in reality the only real emergency was that twenty-four hours had passed without you golfing. After packing your golf bag with whatever beer your dad had in the downstairs fridge (likely some shitty IPA), you head out with your buddies for a great day on the course. But, by hole fifteen you’re a little bit more hammered than you expected and now you have three holes and a car-ride home to sober up so your parents don’t think you’re a degenerate. As you probably could guess, that was, in fact, not enough time to sober up. 


You can’t tell if you’re more hungover from the golf course drinking or the hour-long lecture that you got from your parents the night prior, but regardless, it’s time to go into work. You’ve had your fair share of hungover classes during the school year, but being hungover at work isn’t the same. When you’re in class, you can zone out as much as you need too, but the second you get spacey at work you’ll end up with seven Karens asking to speak with your manager. 


You somehow made it all the way to Friday, but it’s quite a different vibe than a Friday on campus. The work day drags just as the rest of the week did, but instead of going out at night all you want to do is indulge in an unholy amount of pizza and chicken wings from your favorite local restaurant, ultimately resulting in you passed out on your living room couch. 


If you’ve got younger siblings, Saturday’s usually involve being dragged to whatever extracurricular event they have going on. If you’re lucky, you and your dad can throw down some bets on your brother’s seventh grade basketball tournament to make the time go by just a little quicker. By the time you leave whatever event you were at the whole day, you talk yourself into sending a risky text to one of your high school ex-girlfriends that won’t even be opened until Monday afternoon. 


One of the best parts about being at home is not having to check your Canvas to see six assignments all due at midnight. The Sunday scaries don’t necessarily go away when you’re at home, but they definitely aren’t as severe as when you’re on campus. Sundays are a great time to grill outside with the fellas, until you all realize the living hell you each have to return to the next morning.

Written by the godfather

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