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Hello fellow TFM bloggers, family and friends of bloggers, and anyone else who is somehow reading this. My name is Alex and I am the newest member of Total Frat Move. I’ve been asked to post a little introduction about myself, so here it goes.

As a 21-year-old soon to be senior at the University of Michigan who has no idea what they are supposed to be doing with their life, I constantly feel lost. Not lost as in “I can’t choose between the 78 genders,” but more as in “all of my friends have paying corporate internships this summer while I sit in my childhood bedroom typing subpar jokes with cheeto fingers.” 

This isn’t a new feeling for me, though. Growing up in Florida as the only person who is neither Hispanic, racist, or on bath salts, I’ve always felt out of place. I don’t mean out of place like I was a loser with no friends, but more a loser with a couple friends who thought he was destined for something outside of being a lawyer, doctor, or businessman. So what does a privileged 17-year-old jew who has no conception of the real world decide to study in college? Film, obviously.

Why did I choose to be a film major with absolutely zero experience? Well, for starters I’ve always thought I was a funny individual. Am I? Maybe a little. Am I funny enough to be a famous screenwriter? Definitely not in this day and age. But, that’s how I ended up here at TFM.

My college experience was filled with a lot of drinking, limited school work, and virtually no interested females. I became the typical couch potato-frat boy who’s only interests included sports betting, Taco Bell, and running humes with the boys.

That may sound like a waste of the past three years, and at times it definitely felt like it, but that’s what prepared me for this role at TFM. I don’t take things too seriously. I love to spew about udder nonsense. And just like Apple factory health and safety guidelines, I’m always pushing the boundaries and seeing what I can get away with.

I’m excited to start my journey as a TFM blogger with such a diverse audience of 20-something-year-old white dudes. While this may not be what I envisioned doing with a film degree, I’m ecstatic to be reaching people similar to me that share the same outlook on life and sense of humor. So stick around to see how this blog develops because just like everything else in my life, I’m not sure if I’m doing this right.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker


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