Analyzing This Mans Costume

I don’t enjoy talking about politics, reading about politics, or writing about politics. What happened yesterday was a disgrace to this country. Sometimes all you can do is laugh in the face of chaos. So lets forget about all of the stupid shit that happened yesterday, and forget about how fucked up the entire situation is and lets just have a good laugh at this mans expense.

I mean where do I even start? This man woke up in the morning decided to be a terrorist, and walked over to his closet. He had a lot of options, he could go with an array of MAGA shirts, he could pretend like nobody would see him if he wore all camo. All of those options weren’t good enough. What symbolizes a man who is mad at the government, and believes that Trump should stay in office? I know lets rock some horns, a couple of dead raccoons on his head, and a bare chest.

Has he recently watched Braveheart, and thought the face paint would make him look like William Wallace? Just a heads up to this man William Wallace who was portrayed in Braveheart was hanged, drawn, and quartered. The penalty was for high treason where the felon would be dragged by a horse to the execution, hung to near death, emasculated (removal of dick and balls), disembowelled (removal of organs), beaheaded, and then the rest of his body was cut into four pieces. Sounds like not a good time.

The memes that came at this mans expense, is never ending. This one came from r/starterpacks.

For the low price of $485.87 you can also look like this dumbass. I hope that people don’t dress up like this for halloween. We don’t need another bad costume to add to Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic. What r/starterpacks forgot was the dollar store lick and stick tattoos.

This is what I was shown in high school when the capital was last stormed during the war of 1812.

Lets just do a quick comparison to what future generations will see in textbooks when they read about when the capital was stormed. That seems about right in 1812 you have men dressed in uniform, and in 2021 you have a man bare chested, raccoons covering his head, and horns on the side of his head.

If I saw this cover on a video game I would 100000% believe that it was real. That’s where we currently are in the world where a man who stormed the capital can also be confused for the cover of a fantasy video game.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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  1. I guess I know I can’t afford to attend a “mostly peaceful protest” now! Haha I’m gonna put that on Facebook.

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