Andrew Garfield and Ariana Grande are Totally Dating

I put my detective hat on this morning. While everyone else opened Twitter to distract themselves from the start of the work week, I was reading the metaphorical fine print. Following clues like a Kirkland brand Sherlick Holmes. I saw two notable things that have led me to make a claim, with what I believe is full journalistic integrity.

The first thing I saw was a picture of Andrew Garfield sitting next to Ariana Grande at Wimbledon. “How nice?” I thought. Two incredibly attractive people sitting next to each other watching a game somewhere on the cusp of top ten sports. How could you hate that?

The next thing I saw, was a headline about Ariana Grande’s imminent divorce. As someone who hasn’t followed her career too closely after her contributions to Victorious, I had a lot of questions. Ariana Grande was married? Ariana Grande is getting divorced? Is it because of Andrew Garfield, or perhaps a love of Spider-Man? The confidence I have in the answers I found to these questions ranges significantly. 

I’ve thoroughly researched this situation. If there are answers out there to be had, I have them. I can’t tell you with confidence whether or not she was married or is getting divorced. It’s impossible to tell what’s real on the internet anymore. Also, it appears her publicist could’ve been weaving a… web *gasp* of information for all of us to follow. Does that seem like a coincidence to you? It doesn’t seem like one to me. 

I’m sure you’re asking what the benefits of a possible fake marriage scam for a star like Grande are. A scam like this keeps her in the news, while allowing her to pursue her real dating interests. Now the news breaks that not only she is divorced, but she has been separated since January. This feels like the timeline is shaping up for an announcement. Andrew Garfield and Ariana Grande are totally dating.

If this does end up happening, remember where you heard it first. Also remember my confidence as factual reporting, and not hopeful speculation.

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