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Andrew Tate Arrested for Human Trafficking??

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Earlier today it was announced that Top G (Andrew Tate) was arrested in Romania for alleged human sex-trafficking allegations. While specific details are unknown, the video of Tate and his brother’s arrest depicts them both being led out of a building in cuffs, possibly putting the superfight between Jake Paul and Top G in jeopardy. All jokes aside, these are some pretty serious allegations if Tate ends up being convicted, but are we that surprised? I mean, this guy has gone on record probably close to a hundred times basically preaching that women ain’t shit. While most of the teenage population across the world regarded his extremely misogynistic takes as “alpha”, the signs were definitely there that this guy could be a massive human trafficking kingpin.

It was later announced that Andrew Tate and his brother had been released from jail, but the status of these allegations are still uncertain. Earlier this year, Top G made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Today and was asked about prior human trafficking rumors, which he denied. With Tate already being atop headlines this week as a result of his beef with Greta Thunberg, I’m sure this case is far from over, but for now just have faith that our king will return. Stay alpha.

Written by the godfather

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