Andrew Tate Indicted on Human Trafficking Charges…

After being arrested six months ago in Romania, Andrew Tate is now officially facing charges of human trafficking, rape, and setting up a criminal gang. His brother Tristan, as well as two other women, were also indicted today by Romanian authorities. Since the initial arrest in December, we’ve heard rumblings here and there about Top G’s troubles overseas, but his legal team still remains optimistic that the charges won’t stick in court. 

I know this whole situation is incredibly serious. However, all I really want is some fresh Andrew Tate content. While incredibly motivating, I can’t keep watching the same Top G TikToks over and over again. I desperately need some new insight on how to boost my abilities as a “sigma male” and degrade women. I personally will pay for the best lawyers in the world to defend Andrew Tate if it meant that he would sit down on the Joe Rogan Experience for three-plus hours. I mean, Tate is the perfect combination of David Goggins and Future, who happen to be my favorite two people on the planet Earth. 

Who knows if these allegations are true or not? In all honesty, I’m not too worried about the results of this case. What I am worried about, however, is the fact that razors don’t seem to exist in Romania. Personally, I will avoid going bald for as long as possible, but if I looked like Andrew Tate after a couple of weeks without shaving my head, I would permanently remove all of my hair follicles. Maybe the “stranded on an island” look will warrant some pity from the courts and Tate will walk away scot-free. Maybe that was his plan the whole time #sigmamindset.

Written by the godfather

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