Andrew Tate Trashes Adam22 Over Marriage with Lena the Plug

As we all expected, the Adam22 saga has continued. But, rather than another man claiming he’s better in bed with Lena the Plug than Adam is, we were all blessed with a classic Top G rant on how Adam and Lena’s marriage is messed up. Let’s take a look:

While Andrew Tate never directly takes a shot at Adam or Lena, it’s pretty clear that his intention was to shame the couple for how they’ve handled their marriage. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “To each their own”, but this entire situation has made me question quite a lot of things in life. This entire publicity stunt has gone on for too long, and I hope Tate’s commentary will resonate with Adam and Lena. Odds are, nothing will change and No Jumper will just use Andrew Tate’s name to sell more Lena the Plug OnlyFans subscriptions, but something needed to be said. 

I refuse to think that Adam is genuinely alright with allowing his “wife” to be intimate with other men, but money is money, I guess. Just as Tate said, I wish more people ignored this garbage as it truly is “below us”. You can clearly see in the clip as Top G continues his rant that Adam and Lena are incredibly embarrassed because they realize the points that he’s making are incredibly legitimate. I mean, at one point Lena even starts to scroll through her phone since she clearly can’t face the reality of what their marriage truly is. 

By the time this situation begins to die down, Lena will release another film with a guy who is not Adam22 and break the internet once again. I hope all the money is worth it when their child gets shown these videos by their friends in middle school.

Written by the godfather

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