Another Karen Strikes Again This Time It’s The Daughter Of The Man Who Designed The Lombardi Trophy

This is not parody, it’s not a joke, this woman is serious. She hasn’t slept for 2 entire days, she’s not blaming nose candy, or the spastic adrenal pill. She claims that her unrest is because of Tom Brady throwing the Lombardi trophy.

It’s not like her blood, sweat, and tears are the reason there’s a Lombardi trophy. It was her father who had put in the hard work. I have no idea if her father is still alive, but if he was I could see him being like the rest of population and watching Tom Brady throw that trophy and saying fuck yeah. We need to get a ouija board in order to get this mans opinion.

She’s doubled down as being insufferable as she has now asked for Tom Brady to issue an apology.

This would be like if my daughter was upset that people were throwing around mail, and being disrespectful to the mail. Fuck that I guarantee this guy is like any other blue collar guy when the work is done, that’s it. They’re just onto the next project, and all him and other silversmiths want is to be paid, and get home as soon as possible.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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