Anyone Can Rig The Little League World Series!

WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA - AUGUST 29: Team Michigan players celebrate winning the 2021 Little League World Series championship game against Team Ohio at Howard J. Lamade Stadium on August 29, 2021 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

I’m currently sitting on my couch watching some random twelve year olds from Nevada play baseball against some other random twelve year olds from Utah. People bet on this shit, which I feel like is kinda off, but I kinda understand. There’s no basis for setting odds because they’re all random kids with no previous LLWS experience (except Hawaii, they’re always fucking nasty for some reason), so the odds are almost at a complete random.

Some kids from Michigan won last year!!!

These kids (Remember, they’re twelve, some even younger!) Probably have little to no Instagram followers or any form of media presence! Who’s to say someone can’t DM one of these random twelve year olds and offer them V-Bucks in exchange for a shitty day on the mound? they totally can! Is it ethical? No. But like, could they win money, yeah! They could very well also get scummed by a little kid, but it could be worth the risk. Kids typically aren’t the brightest, and someone could use their naivety to their advantage. All you gotta do is throw them enough dough, and they might help you out!

Chip game last year, Williamsport, PA.

On a real though, there is a very genuinely methodical way someone who has way too much time on their hands can go about this. It’s dangerous, but it’s so very possible. I personally couldn’t bribe someone like Rafael Devers to throw an MLB game against the Yankees solely due to the fact that he makes more money with one swing of a bat than I’ve made in my entire life. These kids’ main sources of income are probably from selling silly bands in their classrooms, so the potential with this hypothetical is endless. Free money could be in the works, honestly.

All in all, the Little League World Series is the only once a year spectacle that could be easily cheated and rigged to the most of your liking. There was also a kid who played for Pennsylvania this year with the last name Boob. That’s fucking awesome. Mister Boob, if you see this, I envy you, and congrats on that fucking nuke you hit, I was rooting for you.

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