Are You Going To Try Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder New Hard Cranberry Drink?

12.7 million likes, and 81.3 million views later and 420 Dog Face is still making money from this video. He went and made merch, landed advertising deals, sold NFT’s, and the latest is that he is teaming up with Beatbox to make a Cranberry Dreams Cosmos 11% alcoholic beverage.

I’ve never heard of Beatbox before, but it seems like they take fruity punch and make them alcoholic. They already have Blue Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, Peach punch, and Fruit Punch flavors. Next is a Cranberry flavor.

We’re told BeatBox is hawking Nathan’s signature beverage for $3.99 a pop and it’s launching Sunday in 2,000 liquor, grocery and convenience stores, including big chains like Kroger and Circle K. Nathan’s team says his drinks will also be available online by the end of the month. 


Will you be trying this drink? Ocean Spray Cranberry juice was the go-to for every underage kid who stole a bottle of vodka from their parents. There was no such thing as making fancy cocktails. It was fill your cup halfway with juice, and then the other half with vodka, and hopefully, that shit doesn’t make you want to throw up.

Now there’s Beatbox, who will bring you those same delicious punches, but you can get fucked up on them. I will not be seeking these out, but if I stumble upon them, I will try it. If you drink these Cranberry Dreams Cosmos, you need to have Fleetwood Mac playing at 11 the entire night though that has to be the rules.

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