Are You Ready For Beers At The Peak?

There are three types of people who go on hikes. First, there are the people who only do it for the Gram. They endure miles upon miles to get likes. Their Instagram stories are tiny little dots that seem to go on forever. Each picture is a different view, they are dressed from head to toe in Patongia apparel, and they put on the fakest smiles as their body is crying for them to stop. Secondly, some people enjoy going hiking. They might take a couple of pictures, and they are very serious. They look like they’re ready to survive for weeks on end with their overstuffed backpack. They travel all over the country to find the perfect hike. When they see the bring it in, take it out signs, they take that to heart. They will even bag their own shit to not mess with the local animals. They are the try-hards who won’t stop hiking regardless if it’s -20 or 110 degrees. Lastly, there are the people who use hiking as an excuse to get fucked up.

Taking either shrooms or acid before hiking has become more and more popular. People say that it enhances the hike and makes you feel like one with nature. I mean, I bet tripping your balls off will do that, but I would be deathly afraid of falling to my death. One second you think there’s a swimming pool in front of you, and the next, you’re falling off a 40-foot cliff.

For the people who don’t enjoy tripping their face-off. From the IG poser to the serious hiker, they all enjoy beers at the peak. Everyone says that it doesn’t matter how high of a tolerance you have. A couple of peak beers will get you drunk. There’s probably some science to it, like the change of altitude or something, but anybody that I know who hikes enjoy a couple of cold ones at the peak. I guess putting your body through torture for miles upon miles; you at least deserve a cold refreshing beer.

Get ready to see peak beers filling up your Instagram feed, and every weekend somebody you know will want to take you out on a hike. Make sure to buy this sweet merch if you like mountains and beers which is pretty much everyone you will love this shirt.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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