Aubameyang is Blue?

I’m gonna preface this article by saying I am a Chelsea fan. I love my club, and I hope nothing but the best for the new transfers that have come in. But Aubameyang? Really? I’m not convinced.

I guess I’ll start with the positive if I have to. The last time Aubameyang played under Thomas Tuchel he was incredible. Aubameyang was playing for Dortmund, and he couldn’t help but get double-digit goals during his tenure there. In fact, there were back-to-back seasons where Auba had 25 and then 31 goals during the season. That’s alright considering that the record in the Bundesliga is only ten more goals than that. So is there a chance that Aubameyang comes to Chelsea and starts scoring for them immediately? Maybe. But I think that opinion is more fiction than fact.

First of all, Aubameyang played for Thomas Tuchel between five to six years ago at the age of 28. In soccer, that is right before and during the peak of his career. He would be as fast, as strong, as quick, and as vertical as he would ever be. Since then, like any human, he’s aged. Aubameyang is now 33 years old. I’m no scientist, but I think it’s safe to say that he might have gotten slower and weaker since he last played for the Tuch. Additionally, Auba didn’t end his reign in the Premier League on a high note. His contract was actually terminated by Arsenal, and in his final season, he only scored four goals. So that’s not great.

In all honesty, though, I hope my opinions on the player are wrong and he goes back to his Dortmund form, but unfortunately, the chances of that happening seem to be equal to the chances of me overtaking Pulisic as the current best American soccer player.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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