Australian Woman Rams her Husband and Mistress with Car

A two-year-old video from down undah’ just released of a woman hitting her husband and his mistress with her car. In the footage of the video, a scene of a calm, Australian suburb is seen before a white SUV comes into frame and launches a man and a woman walking in the street. The woman driving the car then gets out and begins to attack the woman on the ground, grabbing her hair and repeatedly hitting her in the head. She then drives off, leaving neighbors utterly confused. If you want to watch the video it is attached in the article linked below.

Christie Lee Kennedy is the legend that we can thank for the existence of the video. The trial for this case told the full story of Kennedy and her actions. She saw the two kissing shortly beforehand, and then tracked her husband’s phone to their location. She told the jury that when she arrived, she only planned to scare them by coming close to them. Despite the fact that this point would seemingly be moot from the fact that she got out of her car and proceeded to beat her victim, she was found innocent and received no punishment.

This entire situation made me fall in love with Australia. First of all, the high level of understanding in their legal system is unmatched. The fact that some lady actually got off on the defense of, “Love hurts,” makes me want to commit more crimes there. Also, the news coverage of this story featured one of the neighbors, who goes by the name Scummy. If that’s not the type of person you want in your neighborhood, I don’t trust your judgement. He looks like he has recovered from three or four individual drug addictions already in his life, and yet he’s the voice of reason on this particular block.

Christie Lee Kennedy and Scummy are two of the most interesting people on the planet. They’ve made Australia look like one giant trailer park, and I think it’s where I want to live the rest of my life.

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