Ava Max Slapped Onstage by Fan

Ava Max was in the middle of a performance yesterday when a fan rushed stage and slapped her. Although the man was detained by security as he got close to Ava, he was still able to get a slap in on the singer who carried on with her performance. Surprisingly, the man was not arrested and said he was just trying to hold her. A great example of someone using an excuse that is more damning than the actual crime. 

Maybe he really wasn’t trying to cause any harm to Max, but I’m not sure that it entirely matters. I would rather he just have some irrational hate for her that he tried to get out than this guy be some Travis Bickle type who really thought he could grab a hug while she was trying to sing. Either way, using this as an excuse is just creepy behavior. This is the type of guy who thinks Walter White is misunderstood. 

Max tweeted about this, saying she was slapped so hard she got a scratch on the inside of her eye. Despite this, she kept performing, and even went with the slap and put it into her routine. Most soccer players would’ve rolled around on the ground for three to four minutes after taking a strike this violent. I didn’t know performing a concert was a contact sport, but here we are. I don’t care much about Ava Max’s music, but she definitely earned my respect with this musical and-one. 

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