Average Day as a Sorority Busboy

BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA, UNITED STATES - 2020/09/03: Lexie Brown, who is a business major at IU, attends an online class activity on the lawn of her Alpha Omicron Pi sorority house (which is under quarantine) to distance from other house residents. Over 30 Greek houses at Indiana University are currently under quarantine. (Photo by Jeremy Hogan/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

While I spend a lot of my time blogging for TFM, I am a man of many side hustles. From djing at a bar to serving food at sorority houses, if the job pays I am there. The weirdest job I’ve ever had is working as a busboy at a sorority of over 200 girls. The job might not pay a lot but the benefits are unmatched. For starters, the busboys get to take home any leftovers. In my first week of work, I could not fathom how much better the food was compared to what I got served at my frat house. It’s like going from prison food to the Four Seasons. Sadly, I work at a sorority with girls that typically lick their plates clean so I don’t usually get leftovers. Another major benefit is the daily face-to-face I get with the ladies; it’s like going to the bar but instead of paying cover you’re getting paid.

My day starts with me and my fellow busboys, setting 180 table settings. My favorite part of this activity is begging girls to move because their shit is all over the table your trying to set up; it’s the best. Once I have placed what feels like 100,000 forks on the tables, it’s time to bring out the food. This is where you burn the fuck out of your hands by carrying heavy scorching hot plates out to the dining room. Once the food is out, the chefs all go outside to hack their daily dart and the busboys pretty much get run of the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen is an all-out warzone of rat tailing for 5 to 10 minutes.  I suck at rat tailing so I play straight defense. It’s honestly a pretty brutal part of the workday.

Once the ladies are done eating it is time for the worst part of work, the clean-up. Every single dish and utensil is picked up and then put through the dishwasher. Next, it is time to sweep and mop the dining room. I typically let the other guys sweep because my mopping capabilities are unmatched. This is usually when I do my best work with the ladies. I guess they just love a guy who can wield a mop. Between my loose wrists and footwork, the girls are saying I might be the best to ever do it. All jokes aside, I love working at a sorority. It’s super chill, and as I mentioned before the benefits are amazing.

Written by Brady White

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