Ax-Wielding Man Goes on Rampage

A man in Los Angeles got pretty fired up and went on a rampage using his car and an ax he found. The man started off his busy afternoon by crashing his car into a house he had recently rented a room in. He then broke the door down with his shoulder, and then proceeded to chase the owner of the house with an axe he grabbed from their garden. After the owner escaped, he found a neighbor and chased him around with an axe as well. 

The reporting on this subject is missing a lot of crucial details. It never mentions a motive at all, but it also doesn’t say there was no reason. Not one line about how this was totally out of the blue, which makes me think there are reasons here we are not being told. If you don’t even speculate about what happens, it forces me to do so. I think the roommate is trying to protect his image. I’ve lived with roommates for a while now. I was able to imagine a few things that could’ve made him snap. Here are my top three:

The hot head was hooking up with a girl and his roommate walked in without knocking to ask him a question and they locked eyes as he finished, and now the hot head was sexually confused. (I think it’s this one.)

The hot head was planning on making a delicious chicken parm for dinner and his roommate finished the mozzarella to make a quesadilla, which is wasteful and a ridiculous cheese for that dish.

The hot head lost a game of Madden to his roommate.

It was either one of these things, or the man just woke up and decided to play Grand Theft Auto in real life. It’s quite possible the man just woke up and decided to grab a two-star wanted level. As messed up as it is, that game does make being a career criminal look pretty enticing at times. I hope that man who went on this rampage got out of it whatever he wanted. His roommate probably deserved a good scare at least.  

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