BACK TO SCHOOL SZN: High School vs College

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It’s the beginning of August, which signifies two things: 1. I’m starting to sweat like a whore in church whenever I step two feet outside, and 2. It’s almost time to make the trek back to school to start a new semester. As a rising sophomore in college, I learned a lot of things about, a lot of things in my first year. Most stuff, I wouldn’t even be able to document on the internet. One thing I’ll break down for you today though, is the comparison of the mindset of going back to school in high school, vs college.

High school kids, clearly having an awful time

Kids in high school enjoy being in high school, but don’t want to be IN high school, if that makes sense. When the summer is the only time you could spend weekdays dickin’ around with your boys (or girls, I don’t discriminate) and do dumb stuff, like walking through Target and stealing packs of Pokémon cards, or throwing slices of cheese at oncoming cars, you dread having to go back to school. I don’t blame them either. Five days a week, and having to be at school by SEVEN IN THE MORNING? Who the hell came up with that idea? Why so early? After doing that for four years it still really doesn’t click in my head. High school is just overall brutally formatted, and I feel like if it changed, (SPOILER ALERT: it won’t) kids would enjoy high school more. Sure, those “Friday Night Lights” football games were pretty dope, but like, that’s it? I asked my little brother, 16 and entering his junior year of high school, if he likes going back to school. He said this: “Uhhhh… not really. Just spending most of my day doing dumb shit I don’t enjoy sucks.” I feel like that sums it up pretty well, high school sucks, kids don’t enjoy it, so why would you want to go back?

College kids, clearly having a GREAT time

College, on the other hand, different ballgame, different players, the whole nine. If you do college right and end up with a social life instead of sitting in your cubicle-esque dorm room 25/8 doing homework with your roommate who may or may not smell like cottage cheese and rotting football cleats, chances are you’re gonna enjoy it. A lot. College is one of god’s greatest gifts, a four-year bender that doubles as a great excuse for alcoholism. After you experience living on your own for the first time, you realize how enjoyable it is. Going home after having all that freedom you had for those months kind of sucks. Nights at the bar, frat parties, and even nights in boozin’ with your buds are great times that you miss when school’s not in session. Do classes suck? I mean sometimes, but because of the way college is formatted, if you set up your schedule the right way, you can live your ideal lifestyle almost year round. Back to school time is something a majority of college students DREAM would come quicker, unlike that one annoying sorority girl’s ex boyfriend she always talks shit to you about.

No laws…

In short, the life of a college student and a high school student work VERY differently. This is in the sense that high school kinda sucks, and college kinda doesn’t. They both have their ups and downs, but in the end, growth and “adulting” reign supreme. To anyone in college or beyond, keep ballin’ out and doin’ your thing. To anyone in high school still, just get older, it’s not that hard.

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