Bad Movies Everyone Should See

Some movies are good, only because of how accidentally bad they are. My affinity for THC makes me more passionate than most on this subject. So I thought I’d gift you with a list of bad movies that are worth your time. 

Tiptoes, 2003

This is my favorite on the list. Tiptoes is a standard rom-com between Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale on the surface. The story is actually about a woman coming to terms with her boyfriend’s family being made up of little people. What makes it so good, are it’s failed attempts to make a profound statement about the treatment of little people in society. That, and Gary Oldman plays a little person by walking around on his knees. It is utterly hilarious. 

Romeo and Juliet, 1996

This Shakespeare adaptation stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the titular roles, along with Paul Rudd, John Leguizamo, and a bunch of other recognizable faces. It also struggles to decide whether or not it should modernize the nonsensical Shakespeare dialogue. As a result, the movie ends up sounding a lot like, “Oh Romeo, wherefore art though Romeo?” “Juliet, a cap hath been bust upon thy cousin’s a*s.” It is so bad. It’s my favorite Leo movie. 

The Room, 2003

“Oh, hi Mark.” This is the most iconic bad movie of all time. Even people who haven’t seen it are likely familiar with it. James Franco even made a movie about its production a few years ago. This movie is so bad that I’m convinced the director knew exactly what he was doing. He’s also a strange enough guy where he truly might’ve believed he made a great movie. 

VelociPastor, 2017

This is a movie about a priest who moves to China and discovers a mysterious power that gives him the ability to transform into a velociraptor to fight crime. This movie knows exactly what it is doing. At a few points, it decides to say the words, “CGI Explosion” instead of even trying to make a cheap version of it. It leans into the sheer ridiculousness of the concept, and is nothing short of hilarious. 

Rubber, 2010

Rubber is about a car tire named Robert. I will repeat, the protagonist is a car tire named Robert. Robert then goes on a rampage in the desert where he begins blowing up the heads of people he encounters. This is the only one of these movies I watched young enough to not be influenced by THC, but it was still hilarious on the merit of its own lack of quality. 

Reefer Madness, 1936

This one is straight up government propaganda. In this movie, some people smoke pot, and a lot of chaos ensues from it. This is a nice look back into history. Specifically, look how scared our government was of weed nearly a hundred years ago. Based on what I remember from my grandfather, this was likely his favorite movie of all time. I watched this with one of my roommates, while we smoked a joint and sarcastically chastised each other for getting high. It was a great time, and I encourage everyone else to try it.

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