Bam Margera Has Left Jackass 4

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It has been teased for a while now that there was gonna be a new Jackass. Even though the cast of characters are now pushing 50, age hasn’t slowed them down. They’re all still torturing their bodies as if they were 25.

For people who are near my age Jackass was the shit. It was like Jackass opened up the curtain in every 13 year olds mind, and instead of saying no we shouldn’t do that, they instead said fuck it let’s do this. Jackass led to some of the funniest moments I have ever seen on tv. From a little baby falling as they first learn to walk, to a Jackass getting thrown from a shopping cart seeing people fall and get hurt is funny. Just like when someone rips a fart in a quiet room that’s funny.

Jackass has probably accounted for hundreds of broken bones as kids thought climbing a tree and then jumping into a snow bank would be the same as Steve-O catapulting himself on a table. Or taking an old oil barrel and climbing inside and rolling down a hill would be funny. Me and my dumbass friend thought that would be hilarious at 14 as our legs hung out from the barrel as we were tossed like a rag doll inside.

The struggles that the Jackass crew has been through has been well documented. I still remember watching the MTV special of Steve-O’s drug addiction, and being stunned. Yes back in the day MTV actually had cool shit to watch, and it wasn’t just 9 hours of listening to Chanel West Coast’s horrible laugh on Ridiculousness. I thought I knew a lot about drugs, but I never knew how fucked up doing Nitrous Oxide was. I thought doing Whip its were only for the poor kids who couldn’t afford weed, and instead killed their brain cells while sucking on Ready Whip. Then there was the passing of Ryan Dunn which really left a hole in not only the Jackass crew, but also Viva La Bam.

Viva La Bam was on everyday at 3 while I was in high school. I would watch it religiously as I started to like Viva La Bam even more than Jackass. Bam’s friends were more ridiculous than anything I could ever think of. It wasn’t only his friends, but also Bam’s friends his relationship with his family was hilarious. Even though Uncle Vito has since been canceled, watching reruns of Viva La Bam in 2009 he was hilarious.

The filming of Jackass has finally started after years of being rumored. Well there was a couple of stipulations for the filming to start, and most of them began with Bam. If you haven’t followed Bam since Jackass 3 he has kind of fallen apart. Bam is a raging alcoholic, and has been to rehab multiple times. In a recent video Bam talks about Paramount pictures forcing him to take anti depressants, taking random drug tests, and checking into rehab centers. The person in that video looks more like Vito than Bam as he looks like a 70 year old, fat Bam. In the video he says that he has been fired from Jackass, and asks who the fuck cares if he is drunk? He also tells his fans to boycott Jackass 4 since he won’t be part of the film. The videos were quickly deleted off his Instagram, and instead this video was posted.

For some odd reason I can’t embed the video from Instagram, but to sum it up. Bam says that he has realized that he is bipolar and is going to try and get the help he needs. As someone who grew up with Bam I hope he finds the help he needs. The world needs him being scared shitless by snakes, and doing crazy stunts.

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