Barstool Might Start Their Own Woman’s Hockey League Cause The NWHL Is Full Of Pussies

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As my wife would say people who are cowards, and have no backbone shouldn’t be called pussies; instead they should be called nut sacks since a little flick will make a man fall to the ground. But everybody knows what being called a pussy means and that is what the NWHL is filled with. Like most people who are reading this, I’m a massive Barstool fan. They are the reason why I started blogging. Long before I was Mailman Dave, I was just a Stoolie who loved to read the hilarious blogs from Big Cat, KFC, and El Prez. The entire Barstool universe has provided me with hours of entertainment as it takes me away from delivering mail. I listen to their podcasts, and radio show while I climb and crawl my way through feet of snow while delivering mail. So when I saw that Erika Nardini who is the CEO of Barstool was being attacked by “woke” journalists and the NWHL itself, I was confused.

The NWHL has its bubble in Lake Placid, and if I didn’t drive through that town everyday, I would have no idea that the NWHL was even a thing. The only thing that I have seen online is that Erika has been pushing and supporting this league from the start. I didn’t hear about the bubble in Lake Placid from family or friends. Nope, I found out from Erika tweeting it out.

It’s always the same shit with these people who go after Barstool. They call them racist. They and their fans are toxic masculinity. It’s a comedy site so calm the fuck down. I don’t like James Corden and Ricky Gervais, but do I go on social media and bash everything they do and try to tear them or their fans down? No, because I’m not a fucking psycho.

These people know that they will get clicks and interactions for going after Barstool. Are they even this passionate or just selfish and want the clicks? This woman wrote this blog hating on Barstool, and called out the NWHL for having any interaction with the brand. This blog got the attention of the NWHL who then sent out this statement:

Erika showed the receipts of people calling her out, so the NWHL went and supported these people and threw Erika and Barstool under the bus. So it’s okay for people to bash Barstool, but if people go after these no names for being wrong, lying, and hindering the sport from growing, it’s okay? The NWHL had one of the biggest sports media CEOs supporting their league, and they decided to just throw that away. That sounds like a smart idea. It sounds like something that the super successful post office would do. Oh speaking about receipts, here is a video from Dave Portnoy calling out these people who just want to see Barstool fail.

So with all of this negative press what does Barstool do? They toss out the idea of starting their own hockey league, and actually grow the game of woman’s hockey. If anybody has paid a little attention to Dave Portnoy and Barstool, when they go all in on something it will be amazing.

As somebody who is a “girl dad” (god, writing that just made me cringe), I love the idea of a league that doesn’t push people away, and instead welcomes everybody to enjoy a sport. I’ll end it with this video. KFC had a One Minute Man where he goes off and probably explains everything a hell of a lot better than I can.

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