Barstool’s “Big Cat’ Trolls Ted Cruz Over Southern California Hurricane

Look, we’ve all gotten got on social media. Whether it’s a fake sports trade from “Ballsack Sports” or reading the “Trending” tab on Twitter and thinking that some celebrity died. But as a politician, you can’t get got this bad.

Barstool Big Cat tweeted an obviously fake photo of a shark swimming alongside a car with the caption “Friend of mine out in LA just took this picture on the 405. And yes, all news and media outlets you have permission to use this. Wild”. Clearly, it was “community noted” right away.

Looks so fake that nobody would believe that is real right? Wrong. Ted Cruz fell for it.

This is the first double community note I have ever seen in my life and its hilarious that it happened to Ted Cruz, a very well-known politician. He stood up for himself and replied to his original Tweet admitting to the mistake.

Nonetheless, Big Cat’s original Tweet has gained over 16 MILLION views. I think Ted needs a touch-up in social media literacy.

Written by TFM Stelly

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