Baseball Fan Drops Toddler on Head Pursuing a Foul Ball

Annnnnd, that kid has brain damage now. A man was chasing a foul ball at a game between Campbell and NC State when he lost his balance and fell directly onto the head of the child he was holding. Fortunately, the child seemed to be fine, despite being in some pretty obvious pain after the fall. The real pain in this situation, came once this man got home and had to deal with the child’s mother.

The internet is no good for dads like this. This is a classic example of a man who acts first, and thinks second. As someone else who is prone to stupid behavior, I can feel this guy’s pain. Odds are, this guy was probably going to grab that foul ball for this kid, and he just got a bit too excited. Who can’t relate to that a little bit? The problem is, this guy’s wife probably saw the video so fast that she had time to divorce him before he got home. In the old days, this guy would be able to make sure the kid was ok, then buy his silence with an ice cream cone to make the whole thing go away. The internet is permanent though, and now this man needs to meet the consequences of his actions. 

I don’t know why overweight dads think they have the athletic ability to attempt these plays with a child in hand. Kyle Schwarber is MLB fat and real world thin, and he would’ve struggled to make that play holding nothing but a glove. A spectator should be able to know themselves well enough to not even attempt to cover that much ground. Part of me really loves seeing the optimism in their eyes disappear as they realize they are in over their heads. It’s entertaining enough where I think there should be a men’s softball league where every player has to carry a child between the ages of two and four the whole game. Put the kids in helmets and let their dads entertain us with failed attempts to multitask athleticism with being a good parent. 

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