Baseball Streaker Pulls Of Epic Escape

This is by far the most impressive streaking attempt at a sporting event of all time.

Is it still called streaking even if the guy is fully clothed? I think so. Even if it isn’t, whatever the hell this guy accomplished deserves some recognition.

During a Miami Marlins game against the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday night, a fan bet his buddy $50 to run onto the field. Not only did his friend accept, but he may have put on the most glorious streaking performance in the history of sports.

Just watch this video.


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Here’s another angle of the great escape.


This dude Cameron is a beast. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t think this guy had a chance. Between his groufit and hesitation at first, I truly thought this man was gonna get decked by security as soon as he stepped foot on the field. I could not have been more wrong.

Not only does Cameron dap up the Marlins’ outfielder, but he legitimately looks comfortable on the field. As soon as security shows up, Cameron turns on the jets and uses all-star center fielder Jazz Chisolm as a pick before hopping over the wall to escape. From there, he uses some apparent parkour to get back onto the main concourse just like nothing happened.

Of course, security has seen his face by this point which ultimate leads to Cameron’s arrest. However, he did technically get away.

Cameron ended up being brought to a Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s Office where he was held on a mere $250 bail. He has since been released and even set up a GoFundMe to recuperate his bail money. If you want help out, you can donate here. Cameron is currently $195 short of his goal.

This is exactly what baseball needs

First things first, I’m sorry I doubted you Cameron. You proved me wrong, made security look like a fool, and won $50 from your friend (more like -$200 but no one’s counting). The fact you had an escape plan prepared and were able to pull it off in real time is not only impressive, but deserves way more attention. Honestly, this may be the most entertaining thing in baseball after Shohei Ohtani. 

As for security, you guys really need to step it up. I mean Cam straight up left you in the dust. Not only did you get juked out and screened by an outfielder, but once you had him up against the ropes he fully jumped out of your grasp. That’s gotta be demoralizing. After that, you may as well just let the guy go. The damage has already been done. He beat you fair and square. Locking him up after the fact just because he made you look silly accomplishes nothing.

Whatever though, congrats on making history Cameron. Maybe one day you can try this during a football game. I don’t think the players will be as inviting. It would definitely make for a fun escape.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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