Beast Mode Gets DUI

Another day, another NFL player gets arrested for a DUI. Sad, but true. Earlier this morning former star running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested for suspicion for driving under the influence near the Las Vegas Strip at 7:25 AM. While this arrest may come as surprise, it shouldn’t, because if we known anything about Marshawn Lynch ,we know that he’s an absolute demon when he gets behind the wheel. If you have zero idea as to what Im referencing please allow me to jog your memory.

The year was 2006, Cal was is in a heated overtime matchup against Washington until an interception from the Golden Bears sealed the victory. The wild clutch play to end the game then led to one of the greatest sports moments in our nations history when a young Marshawn Lynch stole an injury cart and took it for a joy ride. The crowd went ape shit as Beast Mode weaved around players and coaches to end the game.

We can only assume that Marshawn was just trying to relive that special moment from 16 years ago but sadly he couldn’t capture that same magic.

Written by rigatoni

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