Beers And Tattoos The Most Underrated Combo For College Students

What did your parents tell you when you went off to college? To have fun and not be stupid. And what did we all do? We went out, got belligerently drunk, made increasingly stupid decisions, and probably joined a fraternity along the way. What Im trying to say is that all college students are inherently stupid. And what is more stupid than getting absolutely hammered with the boys and having your drunk buddy give you one of the most terrible tattoos you have ever seen?

I’ve seen some terrible tattoos being done after 8 or 9 bud heavys, I watched a girl get the shittiest smiley face tattoo you’ve ever seen and pretend for the rest of the night that they actually liked it just to see them later that night go home crying. But drunk tattoos are not all bad the two tattoos on my body have all been done while the boys and I were at least 10 brews deep.

There is a weird bonding moment that you and the boys get by tattooing each other. Giving your roommate a “Joe Brrrr” tattoo on his lower lip really brings you closer to your friends. A “live mas” tattoo with a shitty bell underneath it is an instant conversation starter with any broad at the bar, and it might just you get some pity drinks just for being dumb enough to get it. The moral of the story is tattoos are what you make them.

You can have one of the worst tattoos ever that your mother or father will probably disown you for. But if you own your shitty piece of art and use it to get pity drinks at a bar any tattoo can be a great tattoo. When im an old fuck I will look back 20 years from now and go damn “why the hell did I get this, and how many beers deep were me and the boys?   

Written by Nolan Breslin

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