Best Feelings in the World

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Submitting Your Last Final

It’s a moment of pure bliss. Whether you’re walking out of a classroom, hitting submit on Canvas, or handing in an essay to a professor’s mailbox, the second you realize you have no more work for a semester hits unbelievably different. In an instant, the thoughts of having no more classes, projects, studying, and work all course through your veins, and knowing that you can now do whatever you want for a couple months makes you feel on top of the world.

Morning Back Crack

You wake up feeling tight and tired, but a few quick turns of your body immediately change everything. The sound itself is amazing enough to completely change the course of what otherwise would be a shitty morning, but the feeling of your body becoming completely loosened up enable you to get out of bed when you’d so much rather spend the next five hours watching YouTube and being a bum.

Hitting a Hail Mary Parlay

We all love to cook up an eight-leg parlay and throw $5 to win $200 on it, but it’s a rarity that you’re ever lucky enough to get it to hit. But there are times when you’re sitting at your TV, waiting for someone to get one more rebound in the final minutes of an NBA game for the final leg to hit that drive your heartrate through the roof. When it actually does happen, it’s not even about the money (I mean, it’s a little bit about the money). It’s about the feeling of dominance you have over Vegas that really can’t be beat.

Turning 21

Your entire college experience changes after turning 21. You can finally go out with your older friends to places that are actually fun, and you no longer have to worry about the Chinese piece of plastic that says you’re 24-years-old being taken and putting you out of commission on the weekends. The bars you can go to are no longer filled with people that, if you went home with, would result in a court case, and any fear of being cited for an underage completely disappears.

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