Best Female Mugshots Of All Time

I have just discovered one of the greatest Twitter accounts of all time. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock because @mugshawtys has over half a million followers and has been posting ridiculous mugshots since 2017. Never did I imagine mugshots of girls would be so entertaining, yet somehow I ended up scrolling through the entire account this afternoon. Yes, today is a work day. Please shut up. I did this for you guys. So, to save you all time from going through six years of mugshots, I have compiled the best and funniest ones. You are all welcome.

This girl is so gone she thinks it’s high school picture day.

I like this one because the girl is an OnlyFans model and got tagged. She then reposted the tweet to her own profile as a promo. Imagine using psychotic phone calls as a marketing ploy to get creepy old dudes to look at your nudes. Re2pect.

Hence why I don’t get religion. You can’t show your hair but taking a womp while driving is perfectly okay? I mean, it is in my book, but you can still show your hair.

Despite the seriousness of her crime, her cute little smile always makes me chuckle.

I hope she’s the same way in the bedroom.

Holy Margot Robbie.

Yeah, we can tell.

At least she won’t have that problem in jail.

Is “gang enhancement” code for “starred in a BLACKED video?” If so, please send me the link.

Her face alone may give you legitimate nightmares, but you gotta respect the hustle.

Surely we’ve all been there before.

TFM does not promote her behavior. That said, bro fumbled the bag.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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