Best Places To Drink This Summer

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We find ourselves right in the heart of summer, a time filled with countless chances to indulge in alcoholic beverages. Although drinking can occur in various settings, I’d like to share my favorite locations for enjoying a drink and/or blacking out, whether in the company of friends or by myself.

Large Bodies of Water: Lounging beside a pool, lake, river, or ocean offers an ideal setting to enjoy alcoholic beverages. It’s as though these wonders were designed by Jesus Christ himself to cater to our desire to indulge in drinks. Although the ocean and lake undoubtedly top the list of ideal locations, a pool or river can still provide a satisfactory experience. In fact, even ordering an inflatable pool from Amazon, setting it up, and setting up shop in a comfortable lawn chair can offer a delightful experience.

Concerts: Is it necessary to spend a ton of money to attend an exciting concert? Absolutely not! Regardless of whether it’s a high-profile artist like Morgan Wallen or a Boy Scout performance where they sing campfire songs, you have the option to bring alcohol discreetly. Concerts offer a fantastic environment to enjoy alcoholic beverages since the music becomes even more enjoyable when you’re under the influence.

Roof Tops: If you live in a bustling city and manage to locate a bar situated at a minimum of the second floor in a building, you’ve stumbled upon an excellent spot to indulge in some intoxication. While the beverages may come at the cost of an arm and a leg, the atmosphere and ambiance are truly amazing. However, if such a place cannot be supported by your budget, feel free to climb to your rooftop armed with a lawn chair and a few beers. Do have some caution while getting down.

Boat: This somewhat relates to the concept of “Large Bodies of Water,” but there’s something truly game-changing about enjoying drinks on a boat. Especially when it’s not your own boat, as it gives you the freedom to bask in the moment without any care. If you have the opportunity to join someone on their boat, be sure to supply alcohol for both yourself and the boat owner. Power Move: Offering Gas Money

Baseball Games: Even in the void of major sporting events, baseball remains in full swing. Similar to the NBA, the MLB doesn’t fully heat up until after the trade deadline. This presents a golden opportunity to get in some boozing while casually “watching” a baseball game. The enjoyment is further enhanced if you go for a minor league team or a little league game, as they often offer fantastic beer deals, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Any Type of Fair: Country fairs, state fairs, neighborhood fairs—take your pick. It doesn’t matter which one you attend. Embrace the experience of getting boozy and hopping on the Ferris wheel. Just remember to pregame.

Golf Course: What could be more enjoyable than having a great time with three of your friends on the golf course, completely boozed out in the carefree spirit of the game? The beauty of it is that golf isn’t taken too seriously by most people, so no one really minds if you indulge in a fun tradition like “Beer a Hole” and end up losing track of the game.

Remember to Drink Responsibly!

Written by TFM Stelly

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