Best Pledge Class “Activities”

In all honesty, I was probably one of the worst Pledge Masters New Member Educators my fraternity ever saw. It’s not because I was mean or made them do anything – actually, it’s quite the opposite. I was just really lazy, which means that those guys had the easiest pledge process of all time. If I went back and did it again, though, here are some of the ways I would haze them some fun activities I would’ve had them partake in:

Dick Chicken

For anyone unfamiliar with The League, “Dick Chicken” is a game played between two men in which both guys walk toward one another, penises out, and see who jumps out of the way first. Having your new members do this is a great way to bring them closer together because what causes bonding more than the possibility of bumping tips? 

The Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Challenge

Get all of them together for a fun night out to Buffalo Wild Wings. Upon arrival, let them know that they’ll be taking part in the Blazin’ Challenge, which is to eat ten Carolina Reaper wings in five minutes. They can’t drink water, use sauces, or puke during the challenge. Watching them struggle through this will be unbelievably fun for you, and if they get them all down in time, it’s free wings for them.

Memorizing “It’s the End of The World As We Know It” by R.E.M

Typically pledges have to memorize a bunch of fraternity history and information about brothers, so why not add on to that by having them memorize one of the most lyric-packed songs ever written? The best way to cap off this little activity is by having them attend a local karaoke night and all sign up to sing this song one after the other.

Become Cutco Knife Salesmen

Sure, you know it’s a scam. But there’s a small chance that some of them end up making some money, which is then your money. 

Scrote Squad

This is the second idea I’ve pulled from The League, and it also has to do with them touching each other’s nether regions. For a week or two week period, they’re competing against one another to hit each other in the balls. There’s not a winner, but as the game progresses and each of them has to endure intense punches to the sack, they’ll all become losers.

Watch Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

This is, from everything I’ve ever heard about it, one of the worst movies ever made. God knows how studios green-lit this one after the first movie was also considered horrible. Anyway, making them watch this will just be a hilarious experience, especially if you preface it as your favorite movie of all time.

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