BET Awards Strippers Robbed at Gunpoint

Two strippers who worked the festivities at the recent BET Awards were robbed at gunpoint of $10,000 they earned that weekend. The video sees two men wearing all black with covered faces as they approach the women with guns as they are about to enter a building. They grab the women’s suitcases and bags before going back and grabbing their phones. Despite the inevitably disappointed body language from the two victims, they took it like champions. 

These two were completely reasonable, even after a long few days of twerking working. I think most people’s fight or flight would take over in this situation. Some people would try to get tough and fight back. Others (including myself) would get into the fetal position and piss their pants. These ladies knew what was happening from the very beginning of this interaction. They allow themselves to be robbed safely, then they stand around defeated. 

It’s a shame this happened for them on what was seemingly such a lucrative weekend. Most of the reports stated that they lost, “at least $10,000.” I’m the last person in the world who should be talking about what happened at the BET Awards. But I can use my inference skills to assume that if they were brought out to celebrate the weekend, they were the center pieces of the BET parties. When you consider that it was an event filled with some of the richest celebrities, athletes, and general rich people, this was clearly their Super Bowl.

I think this shows the need for a bank teller to work in every strip club in the country. The amount of money a good stripper walks home with any given night is probably enough to make them a target on the streets of Los Santos, let alone a street in real life. They could also add the lollipops at the counter that regular banks have. This way people could give their kids something to suck on while… gross. I’m quitting while I’m ahead. I’m sorry if you made it this far. 

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Written by TFM

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