Big Brother Contestant Kicked Off for Saying the N-Word

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Some clown named Luke Valentine just cemented himself as the worst person in the Big Brother house within the first week. If you’re not familiar with the show, that’s almost impossible. The show is usually a summer long display of forced drama, STDs, and mild racism. Valentine took it to the next level, though, not being able to go a week without saying the n-word.

The incident happened when he was talking to two of the other contestants. In the conversation, he states, “We were in the room,” before dropping the word that served as his downfall in the game. I’m not ashamed to admit it. What that guy did is not cool. 

What made the situation even worse, is that he said it to a black person. The guy let it slip, possibly because he is trying to win half a million dollars. He also left the room almost immediately after, showing his true feelings, and letting Valentine stew in his own stupidity. 

This guy should probably go to whatever place Papa John went to not say the n-word. Most people don’t struggle with it so much. For the few who do though, it’s a pretty good idea to go somewhere to hammer that out. Especially if you want to be in the public eye, operate a pizza empire, or both.

Big Brother should probably clean up their n-word policy. Someone got away with it a few years ago, so I guess they’re improving. Still, I think Survivor is much better. They eat bugs, and wear minimal clothing. Who doesn’t love that?

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