Biggest Stories from the NFL 3 Weeks in

The AFC West is Underperforming:

Going into the season, most analysts and fans alike would have agreed that the AFC West was the best division in football. The Chiefs are the Chiefs, Denver got Russ, LA has crazy weapons to compliment Herbert, and Oakland added Adams. Three weeks in and the AFC West is an average ass division. The Chiefs are still good, but a loss to the 0-1-1 Colts in week three makes me wonder how far they can really go. On top of that, Russel Wilson is not playing well at all and has only gotten creepier as a human being. The Chargers are banged up, and Oakland is the only team in the NFL without a win right now. Is that bad?

Jacksonville is Good?

I wouldn’t go that far yet, but no team is outplaying their expectations like Jacksonville is right now. At 2-1, the Jags seem like a lock to get over their predetermined 6.5 wins from Vegas, but more than that: Jacksonville is already in the driver’s seat to win the AFC South. Trevor Lawrence has not made a lot of noise since he entered the league, could this be the year he establishes himself as a real talent in the NFL?

Phili is Dominant, the NFC East is Elite?

Fly Eagles fly. It hurts to write that as a Dallas fan, but I also pride myself on not being a fucking moron so I’ll tell the truth. The Eagles have looked great this year, AJ brown is playing as well as any fan could have hoped, the entire Phili offense is moving like a well-oiled machine, Jalen Hurts looks like a pro bowler, and the defense is stifling. It’s a great time to be an Eagles fan, but it’s an even better time to be a fan of the NFC East (this person does not exist). The NFC Beast has the best divisional record in football right now, and Vegas likes at least two of these teams to make the playoffs. Dallas is playing way above expectations without Dak, the Giants look like anew team, and Washington changed its name again.

The League is as Tight as its Ever Been:

At 3-0, the Eagles are the only team left in the NFL to not lose a game yet this season. Since 2000, there have been only three years where at least one team did not make it to 5-0, with most years having at least two teams hitting the mark. Going undefeated through a few weeks doesn’t win your team any prizes, but it does show that your team is an elite squad that will be the likely super bowl favorite. We don’t have that this year, and even if the Eagles get deep without a loss, I still don’t see a clear favorite as we’ve had in years past. This NFL season is shaping up to be one of the most competitive ones we’ve had in a long time.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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