Black Mirror Drinking Game

Season 6 of Black Mirror is officially out. With the return, we have made a game for those who want to blackout while watching Black Mirror.

If you’re unfamiliar with Black Mirror, every episode is different with different characters and very different plots. All this means you don’t have to worry about watching the first 5 seasons and/or watching the episodes in order. Just turn it on and see what happens.

Here are the rules:


  • Drink of Choice
  • Netflix Account
  • Snacks (Optional)
  • Friends (Also Optional)

Take A Drink:

  • There is an unnecessary sex scene
  • Every “WTF” moment
  • Every time you hear moaning
  • Someone is using drugs or alcohol
  • Someone uses a phone or laptop
  • Whenever an episode makes a commentary on the negative effects of social media, surveillance, or digital culture.
  • Every time someone accidentally kills someone
  • Every time someone uses British slang
  • Every time someone talks to a computer
  • Every time someone has sex with something other than a human

Finish Your Drink:

  • Someone cries
  • Whenever the episode makes you depressed
  • If you see Augmented Reality Technology
  • The Netflix logo is shown on the screen
  • They use Artificial intelligence
  • Every time someone calls Aaron Paul “Jessie”

Take A Shot:

  • Every time one of your friends says “We are living in an episode of Black Mirror”
  • When an episode explores a dark or dystopian aspect of society
  • Every time there’s something realistic in today’s world. By the end, you’re drunk enough to be able to deal with the dystopian nightmare
  • Every time you want to turn off the episode (Don’t forget why you’re here)

Happy Season 6 of Black Mirror, I hope you’re not able to read this blog by the time you finish Episode 1. Drink Responsibly!

Written by TFM Stelly

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