‘Blind Side’ Star Michael Ohre Claims Entire Movie is a Lie

Out of all the things I thought I’d see today, The Blind Side being a lie was definitely not one of them. Like many others, I absolutely loved this movie (and not just because Sandra Bullock is smoking hot). It truly was an amazing underdog story that certainly inspired thousands of people throughout the country. However, what really gave this story weight was the fact that it was true. Sure, the part about Michael Oher making it to the NFL is still true. But, the heartwarming story of a family welcoming an innocent giant into their home out of pure generosity is no longer believable – making The Blind Side an unwatchable movie, in my opinion. 

I’m not entirely sure about all the exact legal details, but it seems like the Tuohys claimed that they adopted Oher when in reality they simply signed a conservatorship so they could monetize his fame and success. Additionally, Oher received no royalties on the Oscar-winning film based on his own life. The Tuohys have got to be the biggest family of con artists to ever exist. I’ll be interested to see what level of legal action Oher will take against them, but there’s a good chance that Oher will never see the insane amount of cash that rightfully belongs to him. 

I must say, the “Blind Side” title is pretty ironic now. Talk about a double meaning. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust anyone again. Who knows when someone will try to take advantage of my extremely fraternal blogging skills? Or my talent as a fantasy football manager? The world is an evil place. Not even a blonde Sandra Bullock can be trusted.

Written by the godfather

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