Blueface’s Baby Mama Is Also His Cousin?

I don’t think I ever cared about Blueface and his insane social media stunts – but this has caught my attention. I’m sure we’ve all seen the foul videos of Chrisean Rock (Blueface’s baby mama) devouring pizza or straight-up abusing Blueface. However, no domestic assault case could distract my focus from the fact that Blueface and Chrisean are possibly cousins

I’m not entirely sure if this connection is valid, but Blueface’s mother has claimed that there are blood ties in the surname of Chrisean’s mother (Dorsey) which is shared in the Blueface family tree. I wouldn’t say that Dorsey is a super common last name, however, it’s still not all that unique. In my opinion, this is simply another publicity stunt to prevent Blueface from falling into complete irrelevancy (if that hasn’t happened already). To claim inbreeding is a pretty wild grab for attention, but I guess it sort of worked? If you can still make it on TMZ, you’ve got to be somewhat famous. 

Let’s say that the “cousin” allegations are true. Can you imagine how messed up this baby is going to be? A perfectly healthy child raised by Blueface and Crisean Rock would be bad enough – but an inbred child? I don’t think the world is prepared for the utter chaos that is about to be released. That poor, poor thing. Some people should not be allowed to recreate. Blueface would be one of those people. I’d consider it a win if this kid got through middle school without becoming addicted to some sort of hard drug and/or killing someone.

Written by the godfather

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