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Bo Jackson Has The Hiccups

LOS ANGELES, CA - CIRCA 1987: Bo Jackson of the Los Angeles Raiders rushes against the Washington Redskins at the Coliseum circa 1987 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Owen C. Shaw/Getty Images)

Bo Jackson, the renowned multisport athlete, has been suffering from chronic hiccups since July 2022. In an interview on WJOX-FM, Jackson revealed that he will undergo a medical procedure later in the week to address the persistent condition. The hiccups have caused him to miss events, such as fellow Auburn legend Frank Thomas’ statue dedication in April. Despite numerous attempts at finding a remedy, including unconventional methods like hanging upside down or smelling the butt of a porcupine, Jackson’s hiccups remain unexplained by doctors.

The upcoming procedure aims to provide relief from the hiccups that have plagued him for months. If unsuccessful, Jackson could join the ranks of those with chronic hiccups, like Charles Osborne, who had hiccups for an astounding 68 years. The causes of hiccups can be difficult to determine, and while most cases resolve within a few minutes, persistent hiccups can be a distressing ordeal.

Can you imagine having the hiccups for over a year? If I have hiccups for more than 10 minutes, I want to die. I would end up wanting to unalive myself after 2 days. He’s a true hero for dealing with this. It is insanity to think he is living with this and nobody has any answers for him to fix it. I would try just about anything to fix this besides sniffing a porcupine’s ass. I have no idea who came up with that, but I guess when you hiccup for a year straight you will try anything. Shout Bo though, what an electric athlete.

Written by TFM Stelly

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