“Boo Hoo! You deserve It”

You are about to witness the closest thing to a “terrorist Karen”. We already posted this video on TFM, but the full Tweet is so much more inspiring:

This recent video is of a Karen in an airport terminal doing what Karens do best: Harassing innocent people and keeping Twitter alive.

This woman is the spitting image of what we all want Karens to look like. Awkwardly long hair, pudgy midsection, a dress that screams “I’ve been sued”, and a face that looks like it a turtle got run over by an electric scooter. 

She is screaming about how a TSA agent “threw me to the ground and choked me” and not a single soul believes that actually happened. The TSA agent is trying to calmly escort her out while she pulls out the next obvious Karen move: wanting to speak to a manager. I know you just watched the video so me walking through what happened isn’t THAT helpful, but I rarely get to see a Karen situation this beautiful. 

Easily the best part of the video is when she confronts the “jury” of waiting passengers to get them on her side and is just demolished by this sovereign saint of a man who shuts her down immediately. “I saw you run through the door when you weren’t supposed to”. 

Her tone switches from innocent women to confused tyrant while the man follows up with the single best line I have ever heard said to a Karen…

“Boo hoo, you deserve it”

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