Boys You Can Now Blame Environmental Pollution For Your Small Penis Size

Because of PFOAs and other chemicals, men’s penis sizes are shrinking across the board as well as the volume of the testes, Swan finds. While this may be more of a vanity issue than a practical one, the fact that human physiology is being irrevocably altered by environmental pollution is a serious concern and it’s unbelievable that more isn’t being done to stop it.


How big your dick is the pain of all men. Unless you have a 3rd arm down there, you always think it’s too small. You watch porn, and every guy on there is packing something that could be used as a weapon. Girls will say that size doesn’t matter, but we never believe them. We always feel they are just saying that to make ourselves feel better as they have seen your tiny inchworm.

If you’re lazy and don’t feel like watching the entire video

When they say that 7 inches is a great size…

The ozone shrinking, having temperatures be at an all-time high, and natural disasters happening every couple of months won’t get people to care about pollution. You tell the people in charge that pollution will make their dicks smaller, and we see shit changing quickly. Overnight there will be recycling cans on every corner. Elon Musk will create some technology that will reverse all of the pollutions in the world.

Now, if they could figure out some chemicals to reverse pollution and grow dick sizes, 90% of men around the world would be happy about that.

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