Bradley Beal Ruins Fan’s Wallet and Face

Bradley Beal doesn’t care about your bets or your face. 

Last night, after losing 122-112 on the road against the Orlando Magic, Beal got into an altercation with an unhappy fan who claims Beal lost him his bet. According to police reports obtained by ESPN, as Beal left the court a fan yelled at him directly, screaming “You made me lose $1,300, you fuck.” Whether or not that is a true statement has not yet been determined, but as a fellow bad sports bettor that likes to seem better than he truly is, I assume this fan means a potential $1.3K on what was truly a $10 wager. 

Nevertheless, Beal didn’t take the insult too lightly and marched back out of the tunnel, up the stairs, directly to the unidentified fan’s seat. Police say Beal then slapped the man across the face, knocking off his hat and dignity. 

In surveillance footage obtained by the police, Beal can be heard telling the fan that he takes his job seriously, while the fan crumbles and desperately apologizes to the NBA star. Bitch move.

Though Beal has not been officially charged with anything quite yet, reports suggest that there is probable cause to charge Beal with simple battery.

Honestly, I kind of like this for Beal. Not only did he teach that fan that his actions have consequences, but he also upheld his image of not taking any shit. Playing on the Wizards, this is the first I’ve seen Beal since I scrolled past that Tiktok of him telling an AAU team he is better than them for the millionth time.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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