Britain Needs People To Drink More, And I Believe People Can Live Up To The Challenge

Pub-goers will need to drink 124 pints this summer to save the nation’s food and beverage industry, finance experts have claimed. The industry needs a £25.66 billion boost to return to pre-pandemic levels after a year of forced closures resulted in record losses. Finance experts Company Debt say drastic drinking would be the best way of saving struggling hospitality businesses and to protect pubs from facing closures as a result of lockdown.


Everybody knows that bars have struggled because of Covid. Dave Portnoy created an entire fund that has gotten over $40 million to help save small businesses. Finance experts broke down the numbers for pubs in England to survive. Everybody knows at least one bar that has closed down because of Covid, and all of those memories of swaying at the urinal and puking in front of the bar are now gone. For more bars to stay open, we need to drink more.

Now, this is America, and we have our own measuring system because Merica. So one pint in England is 20 ounces. A can of beer in America has 12 ounces. So in American terms, every single person needs to drink at least 206 beers this summer. The problem is that summer in England lasts about 4 days, but hey rainy weather can also make you want to drink. We will say that summer is 12 weeks, so that means every person in England will need to drink 17 beers a week. Once you break down the numbers, 17 beers a week is nothing. Have England have some big soccer games, and people will down 17 beers in one day.

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