Britney Spears Needs a Conservatorship

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This might be better off titled, “Britney Spears Needs a Better Conservatorship.” But the truth remains, whoever decided she needed help with her decision making in the first place, was probably right.

Ever since gaining control to her own Instagram again, she has had a full diet of strange social media content. Her Instagram account is full of nude pictures with emojis over the fun stuff, videos of her doing TikTok style dancing, and cliché white mom inspirational nonsense. She’s combined three of the internet’s worst personalities into a final boss of crazy Instagram accounts. It screams, “I’m still addicted to the attention I had in my twenties” in the worst way.

Britney also plays this fun game with her fans where she takes down her Instagram account for some free attention. She has done it several times in her Instagram’s needy, horned-up Karen phase. Most recently she did it this weekend, to coincide with the release of her new song with Will.I.Am. I wonder if that was a coincidence?

She usually doesn’t explain the deactivations of her Instagram account. This time the explanations was that she was struggling to deal with negative comments. This guarantee’s a large sympathetic response from her fans, as well as some free marketing. It is a manipulative win-win for someone who has received immense support from fans who are a lot more sympathetic about others’ struggles than I am. 

In all seriousness, Britney does not deserve to be in a conservatorship. Anyone of sound mind, which technically applies to Britney, should be able to make their own decisions. According to the people I know who care more about this topic, and subsequently mistake my consciousness for interest, she has been through a lot. She still deserves to control her own life. But maybe a manager with a disgusting amount of sway on her decision making would benefit everyone.

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