Brittany Mahomes vs. PETA

Too many debates online are centered around around right vs wrong. Today, two of the most hated figures on the internet are having a debate, and we get to hate all parties involved. Brittany Mahomes went on vacation in Hawaii with the man who ruined my winter, and they swam with dolphins while there. PETA saw this and decided it had been long enough since they reminded the world how insufferable they are, and made it about them. 

I have made a habit of defending whoever PETA is arguing with online. Whenever they pick a fight, they are either overreacting, or simply looking for things to get angry over. The head of marketing at PETA looks out for animal cruelty stories for the same reasons your dad watches Fox News. They take enjoyment in getting angry.

Brittany Mahomes didn’t really do anything wrong here. I once swam with dolphins on a family vacation and it was pretty cool. I think those guys are the stoners of the ocean, and as a result I felt a mutual respect with them. That species is a great group of dudes. Where my anger toward Brittany comes into play is the fact that she seemed to be enjoying herself. As someone on my extensive fecal roster, she doesn’t deserve to hang out with an animal that laid back, and relaxed. 

I don’t know about the animal cruelty involved with places that allow tourists to swim with dolphins. he place I attended was called a sanctuary. Maybe it was just in name, but it still felt morally clean in my book. What I do know is another day passed without PETA doing anything about the issues it claims to care so deeply about. Not chill in my book. 

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