Brittany Renner Played PJ Washington For 200K A Month For 18 Years

I’m not going to talk about how insane it is that PJ has to pay 200K a month for a kid. This kid is going to be rolling out of his crib into a pile of money. He’s not gonna be able to walk cause of the $100 thousand necklaces bringing him down. Before I start making jokes and whatever, I’m just going to put this video in here from Brittany. I wish I were a hot Instagram model who could slide into NBA player’s DMs.

I remember when PJ got drafted, and instantly there were rumors that he was banging Brittany. The only thing I knew about Brittany was Worldstar reposting her videos where she talked about being choked slammed while getting fucked. I truthfully have no idea how she has over 4 million followers on IG. She was Lil Uzi Vert’s ex-girlfriend, and she didn’t get the bag from him, so PJ was next.

I tried to find some of the dirty videos talking about her old sex stories, and they are all deleted. Supposedly her book is a best seller where she talks about sex stories and airs out the dirty laundry. This is Call Her Daddy shit but in written form. Imagine doing odd jobs to being a social media star cause you’re hot, and you talk about being choked while fucking. Once again, I wish I was a hot girl; those Instagram numbers would be booming.

I remember watching the 30 for 30 Broke where they showed ex-athletes losing all of their money and how earning millions of dollars a year could be gone in a drop of a hat. I don’t remember if there was a segment on Instragam thots, but this should be taught to new athletes. The NBA and NFL offer these financial classes of where to invest their money; they need to add what to do if an IG model slides into your DM’s. If somebody has made their money talking about sex and airing out their dirty laundry, maybe you shouldn’t get married and have a kid with them. Cause they might secretly file for divorce a couple of months after giving birth.

Written by Mailman Dave

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