Broncos DL Facing up to 2-Years in Prison for Betting on Games

I thoroughly enjoy gambling on sports. Probably too much, if we’re being honest. However, I’m pretty confident that I could quit when I wanted to (every addict’s famous last words). I don’t think I could say the same for a lot of NFL players nowadays. First, we had Calvin Ridley. Then, a bunch of Colts players got suspended for the entire 2023-2024 NFL season for the same thing. And now, Broncos defensive lineman Eyioma Uwazurike could be facing up to two years in prison for betting on Broncos and Iowa State games.

During just his rookie season, Uwazurike placed thirty-two bets. That means he’s not just sticking to moneyline wagers. My guy was cooking up same-game parlays and betting the O/U on player props. Uwazurike knows what’s up. It’s a shame that such a talented sports bettor will likely be locked away for a significant period of time. We really could’ve learned a lot from this dude.

If we’re being completely honest, I would’ve probably done the exact same thing if I was in his position. The Broncos were absolutely terrible last year and he had to put up with the cringe of Russell Wilson every day in the locker room. Sports betting would provide a much-needed escape from reality for Uwazurike, so I don’t blame him one bit. 

Also, I feel like two years for this guy is a little excessive. Let’s not pretend as though he had that much of an impact on any of the Broncos’ games last year. And it’s not like he could really “throw” any games because the Broncos would actually have to be winning first before that could even happen. Just suspend him for a couple of games and take away the FanDuel – otherwise, he’s definitely gonna start gambling on which inmates will die quicker in prison.

Written by the godfather

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