Bronny “50/50” On Attending USC After Cardiac Arrest

Following his cardiac arrest last week, Bronny James needs decide whether he will begin his classes at USC as scheduled.

Last Monday, at a USC team workout, Bronny suffered from cardiac arrest, forcing him to be rushed to the ICU. Thankfully, he is now in stable condition and has been released from the hospital. James actually appeared in public Friday night to get dinner with his family, so he seems to be doing better.

Despite good signs of health, the James’ have the tough decision of whether to send Bronny to USC. According to an anonymous source close to the James Family (probably Brian Windhorst), “decisions are 50/50 right now on what they will all do next.” The source goes on to say that LeBron and Savannah “have talked about putting off Bronny’s school requirements during this fall semester to allow Bronny to fully recover.”

However, the couple have also talked about Bronny potentially staying home and attending classes remotely. “They are also looking to see if he can take classes from home, so he can start school at the time he intended,” the source said.

As for basketball, timing Bronny’s return seems to be on the backburner compared to his education and health. The mysterious source added that LeBron and Savannah “will also continue to look into possibly having Bronny play basketball again,” yet also said “basketball dreams and if they can continue are conversations for the future.”

The James Family has been consulting medical professionals on their decision and will do “whatever the doctors recommend right now.”

Although an extremely tough decision to make, Bronny and his family don’t have very much time to mull it over. USC’s class registration begins in just two weeks on August 14 with move-in merely two days later on August 16th. Classes are scheduled to start August 21. Essentially, Bronny has about two weeks to come to a decision.

Personally, I hope Bronny does what’s best for his health and doesn’t rush his return to the court. We don’t know what the James Family will decide, but one thing is certain. ESPN will definitely turn this into a “will LeBron play an extra season” storyline and forget about Bronny completely.

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Written by Alex Becker

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