Brooks Koepka to Play in the Ryder Cup?

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK - MAY 21: Brooks Koepka of the United States plays a second shot on the 17th hole as fans look on during the final round of the 2023 PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club on May 21, 2023 in Rochester, New York. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The golf world is in a massive debate after Brooks Koepka dominated this past Sunday at the PGA Championship in Oak Hill. He was undoubtedly the favorite going into the final day of the major championship as he seemed to be hitting his stride while others like Scottie Scheffler were struggling to keep it together. He made it more than apparent that he is one of the top golfers in the world and his peers were starting to take notice. 

While a lot of golf fans believe Koepka shouldn’t be able to compete in PGA Majors after signing with LIV Golf, there is something to be said about professional athletes getting the compensation they deserve. It’s a little messed up to have world-class golfers like Rory Mcilroy and Jon Rahm fly across the world just to be sent home packing with zero compensation if they don’t make the cut. I’m definitely not pro-LIV golf, but I am pro-professional athlete. Especially when they are half the reason anyone watches these tournaments. As with most things in this world, the whole LIV vs PGA debate stems from money, but that is what is different about the Ryder Cup. The players aren’t playing for money; they’re playing for their country, and I think all American golf fans can agree that no matter the politics we want to win. For this USA squad that starts with putting Brooks Koepka on the team. Not only has he qualified in terms of points, but the guy embodies the American spirit. This past weekend he dominated in his occupation and then proceeded to celebrate with some of the white stuff at the Florida Panthers game. It truly doesn’t get more American than that. 

This is the type of work-hard play hard mentality we need to beat those bastards across the pond and I don’t think there is anyone who embodies that better than Brooks. While Zach Johnson, the U.S. Ryder Cup captain, says that it is too early to decide whether Koepka will be on the U.S. Ryder Cup team, he did make a comment that he doesn’t believe any golfer should be banned from the tournament because they signed with LIV. With all of that being said, it looks good for Koepka to be allowed to play, but you never know what woke America has up its sleeve. 

Written by Brady White

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